Student Voice.

At Richmond High School students have a key role to play in the co-creation of our school. This is in curriculum design, School Council representation, participation in teacher recruitment panels and a myriad of other leadership opportunities. In these ways our Foundation and Establishment Students help create our school.

Empowering students for the future.

We know our world is changing rapidly and things are different. We see change in communication and the expectations of young people. We believe in young people and know that the way they access and create information differently is changing the world. We know the new capabilities like critical and creative thinking and problem solving are central to their future.

We also know climate change, new technologies, and a new geopolitical landscape, make our future hard to predict and open to great opportunity. Navigating such rapid change requires resilience, adaptability and perseverance. Richmond High School aims to create authentic student voice to equip students, at a high level, for this world and with the skills and capabilities to navigate it.