The Languages Program

We understand the importance of preparing our students for a globalised world. our commitment to fostering global connections is reflected in our excellent language program.

We offer four streams of language acquisition:

- Enhanced Chinese Program (ECP) - for students who have studied bilingual Mandarin through primary school.
- Mainstream Chinese - for beginners of Mandarin
- Spanish - for those who are beginning with Spanish studies
- A language of student choice through distance education

Enhanced Chinese Program

Richmond High School is proud to be the only government secondary school offering the Enhanced Chinese Program (ECP). This unique opportunity allows students to engage with bilingual Chinese studies led by our dedicated and exceptional Mandarin teachers. Our ECP learning program has proven incredibly successful, with both academic excellence and engagement for our graduating students.


Students who have previously studied bilingual Mandarin at Abbotsford Primary School or Richmond West Primary School can seamlessly continue their language education with us. We offer curriculum dispensation to enrol at Richmond High School, regardless of whether they live within or outside our neighbourhood zone.