Why Work With Us?

We will provide outstanding opportunities to join one of the state’s newest, innovative and interesting schools. Successful applicants should demonstrate a passion for schools, teaching, learning and education. We seek professionals who want to be ‘the person that their students remember’ and make a difference.

Selection Criteria.

On top of the typical selection criteria for a teacher, applicants should demonstrate a capacity to establish and support the development of our school ethos, culture and systems, processes and staffing.

They should feel that they can support the principal in the implementation of the school Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives.

We are looking for candidates that have a good mix of the following qualities:


They love our profession, are naturally hard working and they love collaborating with others

Our goal is that we have a happy workplace. We believe in a positive workplace culture and the way that it becomes our school personality will impact on everyone in our school. We want people to join us who are interested in working hard and creating a fantastic workplace and school. Our values of High Expectation, High Care is for staff and students.


Deep knowledge about learning and a passion for education and schools

An important characteristic of a good teacher is their knowledge and passion for our work. That they can create clear and well thought through objectives for learning with great use of information and data about students. They should have a passion for their discipline, along with the value adding that schools make in the lives of children.


Friendliness, rapport and congeniality with students

We think an important characteristic of a good teacher is to be friendly and congenial with their students and inspire them to engage and learn and be the best they can be. We want teachers who respect their students and students who respect their teachers. We are interested in great rapport in our school.


A good communicator and listener

One of the very important characteristics of a good teacher is their communication skills. A good teacher is the one who has a sense of humour, strong communication skills and an individual personality – and this is meant in the broader sense. We want our school to have outgoing teachers and quieter teachers, we know they will all add something to our school. They can also maintain the discipline, productivity and focus in their class. They should also be active listeners, and care about positive relationships.



Our view is that a teacher should be kind and be a compassionate person.


Future Leaders

We are looking for teachers who see themselves as leaders in the future. Richmond High School aims to be a Leadership Academy for staff and students alike. If these ideas align with your sense of passion and purpose apply for a job with us.