Students from Richmond High School will be active and informed, creative thinkers, self-motivated, skilled and knowledgeable.

Unique Learning Environment.

The children attending Richmond High School are in a very unique learning environment. The teachers have unparalleled opportunities to work with and deliver the very best programs for 21st Century Learners. Richmond High School will cater for Years 7-11 until 2022 and 7-12 in 2023. In 2018, we offered for the first-time a year 7 entry and will add a new year level each year until 2023.

Student Voice.

At Richmond High School students have a key role to play in the co-creation of our school. This is in curriculum design, School Council representation, participation in teacher recruitment panels and a myriad of other leadership opportunities. In these ways our Foundation and Establishment Students help create our school.

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At Richmond High School we offer several advantages for student learning and the school experience. We foster social skills by encouraging interaction with peers of all genders, promoting diverse perspectives, and preparing students for a gender-equal world.

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Wellbeing and Support

We encourage families to have an understanding of the services available to them to foster healthy young people.

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RHS Newsletter.

At Richmond High School we take pride in our students and teachers. We aim to be a school that makes a difference in our students lives so they can make a difference in the world. These newsletters are issued – usually – each fortnight.

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Strive For Excellence.

Richmond High School encourages its students to strive for excellence in all of their endeavours. To achieve this, the school provides sequential teaching and learning programs that deliver a comprehensive, broadly based and culturally inclusive curricula. Our main campus is the Griffiths Campus, which is home to our academic program. Our Gleadell Campus will be the home of Lifecycle – our unique response to Health, Sport and Physical Education.

The new Richmond High School celebrates the return of a local comprehensive and forward thinking co-education secondary school to Richmond. My passion is for it to have an incredible school culture.

James Taylor - Foundation Assistant Principal